The recommendation for the best domain hosting?

GoatgoveGoatgove Member Posts: 34
Dear Sirs,

can you recommend me a reliable hosting for a domain to a maximum of $25 per month to have ultra fast loading pages. Please give concrete help because I searched in a variety of companies remained very confused and I apologize in advance to the dictionary because I use a translator.

What can you say about cloud hosting solutions? Are they reliable?
Thank you for your specific recommendations.


  • WashboardWashboard Member Posts: 44
    I started with web hosting - and I am impressed from the start. I moved my personal site to their servers and was so impressed with their service I ended up moving all my sites with the exception of one (it will be moved next week) to them. Good experience.
  • CreepeekendCreepeekend Member Posts: 55
    I have never had a problem with service and speeds have been perfect.
    The technical support team deserves kudos for their neverending quest to satisfy the customer. Each ticket was responded to in a timely manner which was so quick I was amazed.
  • CrosstreesCrosstrees Member Posts: 49
    I recommend hosting for those who want to host their blogs and see them online.
    Throughout the questions, I fired at them, always a quick, personalized, effective, useful, cooperative response.
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