VPS to buy ... where from?

YavorYavor Member Posts: 25
Should I try a VPS from KVChosting.net or HostingSource.com?


  • YavorYavor Member Posts: 25
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    I'm checking reviews for hostingsource.com.
    They have more reviews now.
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  • AbdomenatAbdomenat Member Posts: 31
    Well, kvchosting.net is very professional, and we intend to keep them for as long as we have our website up and running.
    I'm running more than one website on a shared server, never had any problem.
  • HouteRHouteR Member Posts: 19
    Yes , kvchosting.net can be good option if you are looking for the SSD based services.
  • HoakimHoakim Member Posts: 20
    I recommend you not to be concentrated on one provider only. Check as many as possible other providers as well.
    I can recommend you to have a look at kvchosting.net or libertyvps.net. I'm sure with them you get what you need.
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