Which shared plan is the best?

YavorYavor Member Posts: 25
Which shared plan (jollyworkshosting.com or qhoster.com) is the best?


  • shansajid93shansajid93 Member Posts: 1
    edited August 24
    I think qhoster is best because it provides additional features as well as a Softaculous [url="https://softabulary.com"]Software[/url] installer that installs WordPress and other things automatically.
  • WrathhogWrathhog Member Posts: 8
    Other hosts I've used promise a lot before you are a customer, but when you hit a snag their support usually consists of referring you to their knowledge base ...beyond that they want to charge you.
  • AbdomenatAbdomenat Member Posts: 31
    The prices are low, and their customer service is amazing.
    Seriously, i've tried many web hosts and so far, this one has been the BEST!
    I can give QHoster.com DOUBLE THUMBS UP!
  • HouteRHouteR Member Posts: 19
    I have tried qhoster.com. They are pretty good and I assume you can trust them. Also luxhosting.lu has some good options to.
    So maybe that would be the best solution to keep both of them in mind.
  • HoakimHoakim Member Posts: 20
    I can refer to hostingsource.com as to the good alternative for shared hosting.
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