Understanding Google Analytics

tahaautogrouptahaautogroup Member Posts: 5

Does anyone know about the resource from where I can learn the google analytics from basic and take advantage for my SEO and Adwords campaign? If yes do share it. Help needed.


  • JeremyKJeremyK Member Posts: 4

    You can find a tons of resources for learning how to utilize Google Analytics for seo and ads, yet I would suggest you to first learn the basics of the tool functioning (perhaps, Google academy will be the best tool for that) and then try to find the resources that teach how to use Google Analytics in specific platform, like Magento or PrestaShop (if you have an online store). This way, the knowledge you get will be centered on the technology you use and more applicable for you personally.

  • Google Analytics tells allover performance of your website. For example, how many visitors come to your website every day, incoming visitors say, how much traffic is coming, where they are coming from, how long the visitors stayed on your site. e.t.c.
  • adamgreengradamgreengr Member Posts: 1
    I believe these days the most common source for any tutorials are Youtube where you can learn about a lot. <a href="https://www.packntrade.co.uk/">CakeBox</a>
  • buytiktokfollowersbuytiktokfollowers Member Posts: 31
    YouTube is best for you to learn Google analytic correctly, where you can take a class for 2 hours daily from home, which is given by Google and Google gives its certificate too.
  • TataWironTataWiron Member Posts: 7
    To learn the google analytics please visit google analytics academy which is free of cost and you can also go with the local or online training institute to learn.
  • NetixglobalNetixglobal Member Posts: 3
    Google Analytics is one of the best and free resource to learn the Google analytics. There are multiple course offered in the academy and it is free to learn from there.
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