Effect of relationship on health

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The affective and sentimental aspect is an important factor for people's health, it is an aspect that affects their entire life because it is with family, friends and partner that the person can develop. In the specific case of romantic couples, a delicate balance must be kept, since each person lives in a world made up of their tastes, preferences, aspirations, norms and values. Achieving a proper balance to a romantic relationship is an art.
Couples often have very good moments throughout their lives, but also very bad moments. But complications in life as a couple do not appear overnight, there are many signs that the relationship is deteriorating, and the course of the relationship can be corrected so that it does not end in a resounding failure. It is only about not closing your eyes to reality and maintaining an attitude of open communication with the couple, trying to balance all the situations that seem to overflow and complicate the couple's relationship.
It requires a lot of patience, trying to solve the problems of a couple implies involving both in the search for a solution, giving in on some issues and seeking spaces in which both can share is essential. Allocating time to solve problems is the first step because if you choose to separate at the first sign of problems, your relationship would become very unstable, spending time together to solve a problem could even help to unite you more in your goals.
Life as a couple requires both of you to think about the happiness of the couple as a whole and not just individual happiness. Constant effort and creativity are required to maintain a healthy relationship and thereby safeguard the mental health of the two people involved in a long-term relationship. The specialist Leslie Becker-Phelps recognizes 10 factors that can help you maintain a healthy romantic relationship, from her perspective the couple should try to maintain:
1. Attraction and mutual respect.
2. Do things just so that the other is happy.
3. Enjoy and value time together, actively working to make it happen.
4. The ability to show and receive affection.
5. A strong sense of commitment to the relationship, the willingness to stick with the relationship through momentary conflicts and periods of disinterest, or even to accept what they don't like.
6. Effective communication and problem-solving skills.
7. A commitment to work through conflicts and disagreements in a respectful manner, with an ability to forgive and accept forgiveness.
8.Be realistic and try to agree with the expectations of the other person, with the desire to live up to those expectations.
9. A shared philosophy of life, including values and priorities. This is very broad and very important. For example, it includes attitudes shared by family and friends, and a shared philosophy of parents (for those with children).
10. A satisfying sexual relationship
Do not wait for an uncomfortable situation to turn into a crisis to act, it is best to talk about situations that do not let the relationship flow to resolve these aspects and improve the relationship. Nothing is free, you need to work on each point.

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