How to optimize keywords to my website landing page

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Hello guys, I am working for a app development company as a seo executive. From 3 months I am trying to rank our landing page but my keywords are not visible when I tried to check where my keywords position and is there any free tool or extension to check our keyword position on google. Please check my site and let me know if any changes has to be done.


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    You can try this tool to check keywords ranking

    To rank your keyword

    1. you can ad your targeted keyword in content title, tags and in body of article.
    2. You can make title for video, infographic, image using your targeted keywords.
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    Try to target your main keyword in website main Title, tags and also try to cover keyword in content too. But never stuff the keywords else it will be resulted in to blackhat technique where your website will get penalty under SERP guidelines. Suppose if you are trying to optimize a keyword for app development company then you can use keywords like "mobile app development company" or app development companies" in titles. But title should make sense.

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    I agree with the previous comment - try to target the main keyword better. Research your keywords in the tools like ahrefs and compose relevant keyword combinations that you can use in titles, description, pictures alt titles and in the content. But do not go to heavy on using keywords, or the search engines will recognize you as a spam website.

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    This can be achieved by targeting main keywords in the website Title, tags and also try to cover keyword in content too. Also it should be ensured that keyword stuffing does not happen at any cost, otherwise the website will get penalty under SERP guidelines.

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    There are several ways to improve ranking of your landing page. Website landing page design and speed matters. Complete knowledge of on page and basic knowledge of coding can help you out make landing page effective and seo friendly. There are below steps to optimize keywords for landing page.:

    Use Keyword in Meta Title , Meta Description and Meta Keyword Tag

    Use Keywords in Heading Tags

    Use Long tail keywords

    Use Faq in your website and include long tail query keywords in FAQ.

    Use alt tag and content uniqueness into your website.

    Use stong internal linking and exact keyword query match mechanism into your landing page.

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  • Your link buildings may also be the reason your keywords are not appearing. For this, you create backlinks to your website on a site with high DA and PA. From here, there are chances of getting your website ranking improved. Do daily social media because your website has more traffic potential. Post images, videos on social media platforms. Write daily unique content for each keyword because Google gives more priority to websites with unique content.
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