An overview of SEO efforts

Hi Everyone,

SEO takes time every one knows that, doing k/w research, updating meta tags, looking for the content on site, structure of sites, breadcrumbs, loading speeds and various other on page factors and in off page social bookmarking, classifieds, image, blog, web 2.0, article, ppt, infographics and lots more. are there any other activities or things in SEO? If you know something that you are performing and seeing the changes please do share the same here.


  • SEO is a broad field but yes the activities and efforts you shared is a way to do SEO but growth hacking your competition will be good.

  • JeremyKJeremyK Member

    The activities you mentioned would be indeed great for search engine optimization, but if you want to enhance the effect of them, I would recommend you try out SEO for Prestashop It really helped my store's optimization. If some of you know similar extensions, please share your findings with me, I would greatly appreciate this.

  • SClikesSClikes Member

    Content optimization is a big part in all SEO activity. This is an effective activity to increase website traffic and improve ranking.

  • ajay_11ajay_11 Member

    Content optimization is a big part in all SEO activity meta tags any many update is required for seo effort

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