Astrological Remedies for Rahu Ketu And Saturn’s inauspicious position in your Kundli.

lipikamohantylipikamohanty Member Posts: 10
All these three planets cause problems for the inauspicious position in the Kundli. Astrological remedies help to rectify your inauspicious planetary positions in your Kundli, and the remedies will help to clear the bad effects. At Myastron’s expert astrologers can guide you by seeing your birth chart with remedies like Rahu remedies as per MyAstron include donating iron weapons, blankets, blue cloths, sesame seeds, mustard oil, coconut, and radish.
The Ketu remedies by MyAstron astrologers are charities, fasting on Tuesdays and Saturdays, feeding Brahmins and dogs.
And when you are suffering due to Shani Dasha then the Saturn remedies are Feeding animals like dogs, monkeys, putting talk of curd or milk on the forehead, offering almonds, feeding snakes.
There are many more remedies to deduces the bad effects of Shani Rahu And Ketu Dasha. So, why should you wait, click on the myastron website, and know about the Remedies?
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