need podcast and shoutcast hosting services in the USA

WashboardWashboard Member Posts: 5
I have a client who need podcast and shoutcast hosting services for his new project.
The idea he is going to implement into reality is perfect, so I decided to help him to find such a host.
Found dedicated server hosting in the USA? Any experience dealing with them?
Alternatives for comparison, please?


  • CrosstreesCrosstrees Member Posts: 12
    Can also recommend hosting. They offer servers in over 30 locations. The integration of shopping carts and blogs is a great feature as well. If there's anything negative to say it would be that although the website creation tools are great, I'd like to see a more robust HTML program to create custom work within the site.
  • GoatgoveGoatgove Member Posts: 11
    Every time I have a question or need their assistance I find them to be quick to answer and quick to act. hosting service is excellent. The support team members have always given me the feeling that I am communicating with my personal friends.
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