Know the similarities between Janam Patrika and janam kundli by date of birth

swamyaswamya Member Posts: 45
If you believe in astrology then you must be aware of Janam Patrika. It plays a vital role in the astrological segments, especially in Vedic astrology. The Janam Patrika or natal chart signifies the career, education, personality, characteristics, love life, job through analyzing the movements of stars and planets in one person's life. If you are following Vedic astrology then your Janam Kundli by date of birth will give accurate information about your past, present, and future events of your life. You can say it is the photocopy of your life. Janam Kundli is made according to the birth time, place, and date of a person that gives validation to the results. Your birth chart is very much useful to know about a person's life. It helps to know a lot about your important decisions for the events like marriage, career, education, job, and business. Through Janam Kundli, you will be able to know the coming obstacles in your life. So before that time either you can find remedies for it or you can try to lessen its power through different methods of astrology. To know your accurate life report come to The expert astrologers here will prepare your Janam Patrika and provide insights into different stages of your life.
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