Dosha shanti Puja for your happy life

jogeswar_myastron6jogeswar_myastron6 Member Posts: 13
Dosha Shanti Puja is all about getting rid of all ill effects in your life. When you do puja it will help to improve your luck, success and bring peace in your life by procuring blessings from ancestors. When different planets' transitions and movements in different houses create malefic effects, those arise as dosha problems in your birth chart. So with the help of dosha Shanti puja, you will pray to the lord of that planet, please them with effective chants, so that their malefic effect will minimize or evaporate. In the Vedic astrology planet, Rahu is considered a node or a Chhaya planet. It is primarily responsible for sudden losses in health and wealth. So to avoid such situations you must do Rahu Graha Shanti puja at your home or temple. Saturn or Shani is also considered a malefic planet. Mostly it plays the role of teacher and teaches you from its wide range of ill effects. Offering prayers through Shani Graha Shanti puja will help you to appease Lord Shani Dev. So that the hardships you are facing during transit periods will be resolved or minimized. Dosha Shanti puja lets you resolve all malefic effects caused due to different planets’ transitions into different houses.
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