Significance of puja and how is puja performed .

jogeswar_myastron6jogeswar_myastron6 Member Posts: 13
There is a great significance of puja in Indian culture. As nature and the divine are giving us lots of things, through puja we are worshipping them and trying to offer everything back to the divine. Puja is divine worship and it is done in many forms in India. The entire act of Puja is a symbolic means of showing devotion to a deity and surrendering oneself at the altar, as a mark of true worship. If someone asked how is a puja performed then you will find a wide range of answers. Because India is the amalgamation of cultures. So every culture goes through vivid puja process ceremonies. But in all pujas, we offer flowers, fruits, chant mantras in front of the divine. There are different modes of pujas you will find. Each one serves the purpose of the Vedic puja art of living in every culture. All follow the Vedic puja mantra to worship their divine whether it is a temple or at home.
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