Stop spam on this forum

bossboss Administrator Posts: 6

If you spam on this forum you will be banned for life.


  • igotdomainsigotdomains Member Posts: 2

    Lol you tell them!

  • indtourismsindtourisms Member Posts: 1
    Yes, I agree with you because of a lot of people here for spamming. So please stop spam on all forum sites.
  • elena125elena125 Member Posts: 27
    In this forum category is SEO and people are posting posts "Astrology " which is completely spam. Such types of users banned immediately.
  • JohnloyattJohnloyatt Member Posts: 2
    Most of the people trying to mislead Google’s algorithm by building high quantities of links this is the reason Google stop showing page rank in the toolbar still people practicing, PR is working in the back-end as far as I think.
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