Which types of links are the most valuable?

harshal1997harshal1997 Member Posts: 11
Which types of links are the most valuable?

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  • iastitlesearchiastitlesearch Member Posts: 13
    Always Dofollow links are more valuable and useful links.

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  • buytiktokfollowersbuytiktokfollowers Member Posts: 31
    SEO has a lot of important links. But most of those links are valuable which are made on a good site. Which are do-follow. Far more valuable than making more backlinks is to make only a few on sites with high DA, PA.
  • iastitlesearchiastitlesearch Member Posts: 13
    Dofollow links are more useful and valuable for all SEO backlinks. So try to get more links from do-follow sites.
  • tuxandrewtuxandrew Member Posts: 5
    Dofollow links are more valuable as they improves the SEO ranking as well in search engine database.
  • SClikesSClikes Member Posts: 6
    Dofollow links and links on high PA, DA sites. Both are links are valuable for a website.
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