Which types of links are the most valuable?

harshal1997harshal1997 Member Posts: 11
Which types of links are the most valuable?

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  • iastitlesearchiastitlesearch Member Posts: 13
    Always Dofollow links are more valuable and useful links.

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  • buytiktokfollowersbuytiktokfollowers Member Posts: 31
    SEO has a lot of important links. But most of those links are valuable which are made on a good site. Which are do-follow. Far more valuable than making more backlinks is to make only a few on sites with high DA, PA.
  • iastitlesearchiastitlesearch Member Posts: 13
    Dofollow links are more useful and valuable for all SEO backlinks. So try to get more links from do-follow sites.
  • tuxandrewtuxandrew Member Posts: 5
    Dofollow links are more valuable as they improves the SEO ranking as well in search engine database.
  • SClikesSClikes Member Posts: 6
    Dofollow links and links on high PA, DA sites. Both are links are valuable for a website.
  • TataWironTataWiron Member Posts: 7
    Links are considered as one of the most important factor when it comes to SEO. Generally links passing the link juice (Do follow) with good amount of traffic and higher domain and page authority considered as the good link for seo.
  • elena125elena125 Member Posts: 27
    High-quality backlinks which have high DA/PA are most valuable for your site. Dofollow links also valauble.
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