How to Select a Web hosting Provider?

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Please help me know to how you as a buyer will select a web hosting provider? What are the parameters that you'll consider while selecting the web hosting provider?


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    Choosing a webhosting service is not at all big task. First write down the configuration you need for your service. Select the hosting plan as per like Shared, Dedicated, VPS or cloud. Visit various hosting forums and select the perfect offer for you.

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    To select a Web hosting provider you can use the following steps :-

    1. Decide how much hand-holding you'll need
    2. Estimate the amount of traffic you expect
    3. Understand server types
    4. Be wary of unlimited offers
    5. Choose a portable content management system to avoid lock-in
    6. Own your domain name
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    If you are going to buy Web hosting then keep the following points in mind

    -What kind of website you are going to create

    -The web hosting you are purchasing will be right for your site or not?

    -When buying hosting, you should keep in mind the bandwidth of your website and the visitors visiting the site.

    -What is the uptime of a web hosting server?

    -Server upgrade facility should be

    -There should also be a facility to back up the site

    -which is the control panel?

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    Through few point you can get the best of server hosting

    • Keep in mind what kind of web hosting you want
    • Compare the plans through top web hosting provider
    • Ask in live chat about what kind of configuration you want
    • know about the technical support and money back policy
    • and Get the Best Server Hosting quickly.
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    When you chose VPS for example you need to know which virtualization you should have. It is important. My last experience when I tried to learn and sign up with was very useful, when with help of the provider I decided on OpenVZ VPS
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    Selecting the web hosting companies is complex because due to intense competition. Initially note down your configuration and select the company. Different offers/plans will be there based on different servers like Shared, Dedicated, VPS… I wish to list some of the good web host service providers…
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    I think that is a good idea to know location you need. I have never thought of this until the moment I discovered which offer 20+ server locations. So that is important to know server location you need.
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    Key points to consider before selecting a web hosting provider:

    1) How much traffic is on your website so that you can determine which type of hosting you need. Ex- If you have a small website with 200 users per month, then you should go with Shared Hosting. And with more traffic, choose VPS and Dedicated accordingly.

    2) You should analyze that from where you get more traffic. Based on that find out the provider who offers the server in the same location. It will help you to provide a faster user experience to your site visitors in the same country.

    3) Then, the quality and quantity of resources and how many options they are providing. Ex- Storage, they are giving how much space or type of storage (SATA, SAN, SSD, etc.). Others are RAM, CPU, Processors, Bandwidth, etc.

    4) After that, factors like uptime guarantee, money-back guarantee, cancellation policy to keep in mind. Then check out reviews about the availability of their customer support.

    I am sure this will help you.

    I suggest Accuweb Hosting for excellent web hosting services. They are offering the maximum features with an affordable budget.
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