What is User-generated Spam?


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    Google’s Webmaster guideline outline best practices for website owners, and the use of techniques that violate our guidelines may cause us to take action on a site. However, not all violations of our Webmaster Guidelines are related to content created intentionally by a site’s owner. Sometimes, spam can be generated on a good site by malicious visitors or users.

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  • Sometimes, spam can be generated on a good site by malicious visitors or users. This spam is usually generated on sites that allow users to create new pages or otherwise add content to the site.

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  • User generated spam indicates that the site is exploited by spammers and black hats.


    User-generated spam: Search Engine Land's ultimate guide to Google penalties and messages. User-generated spam tends to be an issue for large, user-driven sites. If this penalty is applied, that generally indicates that the affected site is being exploited by spammers and black hats.

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