Google Algorithm Latest Update - Google De-indexing Bug Fully Fixed

kkv4577kkv4577 Member Posts: 1

Google Wrote "The indexing issue has now been fully resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate your patience as we restored normal operation."

What's the issue?

The new dilemma is that if you have a look at your Google Search Console reports, especially the indicator policy report and the improvement reports, you may not see accurate data. On the weekend SEOs were noticing substantial drops in their catalog coverage. After the insect was resolved, the matter was, the report was revealing the issue. There have been problems with the improvement reports in Search Console also.

Additionally, the URL Inspection tool, that is the tool Google has been telling SEOs to visit so as to inspect the status of a page being indexed, also may have issues. Google reported that the"URL Inspector may not signify live status"

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