good e-commerce hosting (Magento or Os Commerce) ?

I am in search of suggestions on these needs:
- 100 gbs of hard disk, Linux, 2 GB - ram, e-commerce (Magento or Os Commerce).
I would like to know your views on web hosting plans?
Any info about them?


  • HouteRHouteR Member Posts: 19
    Accounts from and are worth your attention.
    I love them because of consistent professional quality and easy accessibility for all my site needs. Every staff has been highly responsive to my questions and concerns with clear, concise answers to my questions, citations of rationale for their answers, patience, and politeness.
  • CreepeekendCreepeekend Member Posts: 39
    This experience has been great. Keep up the good work guys, you are definitely appreciated! is one of the best hosts I've had the chance to test.
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