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CUCUTUTU welcomes you to the world of animation and happy learning that educates your kid in the most interactive way. We bring you a playful fun way of education that your child loves and waits for the next episode of the series.

CucuTutu is an Indian Cartoon Series that is based on three friends Cucu, Tutu and Jojo. Cucu is a dedicated athlete girl, Tutu is a lazy boy, and Jojo is the strongest boy. Gogo and Chironji Chacha come in later episodes of the series and become the best people in Cucu, Tutu and Jojos’ lives.

CucuTutu brings you, kids, the friendship of three friends and show you how sweet a bond can be. Come and be a part of Cucu, Tutu and Jojo journeys together, having fun and making the most of your time. Your kids discover life challenges and stay updated with ongoing changes in the world in a fun animation way.
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