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[b][URL=]Exmasters[/URL][/b] is a world leading provider for adult and high speed web hosting, which brings a new concept of affordable web hosting without the setup fees or any hidden charges. Our radically low prices, fast technical support and top notch network is key to your success.

[b]Here are our virtual private servers (VPS)[/b]. Virtual private server is very popular option for those who needs performance of a server, but for very discounted prices. Customer also gets full root access and all capabilities of a dedicated server, including control panel, etc. All our virtual private servers are managed, so they are suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced webmasters.

[b]SPECIAL OFFER: Double RAM or HD space with any VPS plan (using code "dbram" or "dbhdd")[/b] offers the following solutions:


[*]CPU: 1 Core
[*]RAM: 1 GB
[*]HDD: 25 GB
[*]Setup: FREE
[/LIST] [b]Monthly Price: 10.00 Euro - [URL=]Customize & Order Now[/URL][/b]

[B]Virtual Server VPS2[/B]
[*]CPU: 2 Core
[*]RAM: 2 GB
[*]HDD: 50 GB
[*]Setup: FREE
[/LIST] [b]Monthly Price: 15.00 Euro - [URL=]Customize & Order Now[/URL][/b]

[B]Virtual Server VPS3[/B]
[*]CPU: 4 Core
[*]RAM: 4 GB
[*]HDD: 100 GB
[*]Setup: FREE
[/LIST] [b]Monthly Price: 25.00 Euro - [URL=]Customize & Order Now[/URL][/b]

[B]Virtual Server VPS4[/B]
[*]CPU: 8 Core
[*]RAM: 8 GB
[*]HDD: 250 GB
[*]Setup: FREE
[/LIST] [b]Monthly Price: 45.00 Euro - [URL=]Customize & Order Now[/URL][/b]

[B]Virtual Server VPS5[/B]
[*]CPU: 8 Core
[*]RAM: 16 GB
[*]HDD: 1000 GB
[*]Setup: FREE
[/LIST] [b]Monthly Price: 65.00 Euro - [URL=]Customize & Order Now[/URL][/b]

[B]Additional Information[/B]
[*]We do not use shared or overselled network, Premium Bandwidth only!
[*]All virtual servers come with 2000GB of Premium Bandwidth. Let us know if you need more.
[*]Fully managed, 24/7/365 technical support available (e-mail, phone, icq, online chat)
[*]Control panels and special server management available
[*]Every virtual private server comes with pre-installed system - everything will work immediately!
[*]100% compatible with video streaming (ffmpeg, etc.)!
[*]Realtime detailed transfer statistics included
[*]Free local server firewall, forget the problems with security
[*]Free ping monitoring of your server (24/7 each minute)
[*]Hardware config upgrade available at anytime (even in middle of the month)
[*]Bandwidth upgrade/downgrade available at anytime (even in middle of the month)
[*]Virtual private server activation is not instant, but it's usualy up and ready same day
[*]We can help you to move all your content from another server for free without any downtime
If you need custom private server (config, bandwidth), just [B][URL=]CONTACT US[/URL][/B].
You don't need to know anything about private server managing, it's our job!
[URL=]And more...[/URL]
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