Which are the Microsoft's most in-demand cloud services?

purutechspurutechs Member Posts: 1
Microsoft Azure
Azure is Microsoft's big enterprise cloud, offered as a PaaS and IaaS service. It is a popular service used by developers who write apps with the support of the company's coding tools. Azure offers the capability to save money, work faster and integrate data and on-premises apps in a powerful, scalable and flexible way. This feature-filled service offers a hybrid cloud solution, unlike many other cloud providers that force customers to choose between the public cloud and their own data centers. Hybrid cloud solutions are known to offer more efficiency and economy in storage, backup and recovery of data.
Support for Azure has been expanded from Windows to Linux as well, opening up the services to more users. Clients only pay for the services they need. With Azure, clients can better provision Windows and Linux VM apps, develop modern mobile and business solution apps for Windows, iOS and Android, gain insights from data and manage user accounts, synching with on-premises data directories.
Deployment of Azure services takes less than 5 minutes, just as it is claimed by Microsoft. 57 percent of Fortune 500 companies on the bleeding edge already use Azure, and the numbers are expected to rise as the capability offered by Azure improves and expands further.
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