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Justhost Review $3.75

Justhost Review

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Next in our series of hosting reviews is Justhost.  For our Justhost review, we will be breaking down the review as we usually do.  Before I get into it, I think it’s fair to say the following:  Justhost is a decent budget host.  If you’re hosting low traffic websites and lots of them, you can’t go wrong with Justhost.  I myself purchased Justhost long term for more savings.  So far, they’ve done a good job hosting my static minisites, but I would not recommend them for forums or high demand services.

Tech Support

Ouch, not so good in my experience.  I do not like automated services and Justhost’s ticket system is quite annoying…

Speed and Uptime

Speed is ok, it’s the uptime that is sometimes a problem…  Running a WordPress blog seems to work just fine, but a more demanding CMS or a forum doesn’t run quite as fast.

Running a forum with Justhost, I have found that it is constantly down for 30 second to 1 minute periods.  Some of my websites seem to have the same problem.  For this reason, I’m probably not going to renew my Justhost service when it expires.


They have a lot of the same features that a lot of webhosts offer.  Fantastico one click installs, unlimited emails, etc…

Bottom line:

They’re ok, but there are a lot better options.  See our Review on Fatcow for instance.

Professional Hosting from Just Host


  1. I use 1and1 I know there’s a lot of bad press about them, but I have been with them for almost 5 years and have found their vresice to be excellent. I have 2 shared hosting accounts and a dedicated server, I have had a handfull of problems in 5 years but they have always been quickly resolved.

  2. Experiencing terrible support as their cpanels are not working properly. They will not answer your questions within the 24hrs. Online chat kicks you off when they dont want to answer your support issues.

    I’m moving my hosting out as soon as I get near to my renewal date.

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