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1&1 Review $4.50

1&1 Review

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1&1 is a shared hosting provider.  I have had an account with them for over 5 years and I think it’s time I reviewed their service.  Overall, I used to be somewhat satisfied with one and one, but today I am less than satisfied.  I have only stayed with them because I am basically too lazy to transfer the 100+ websites I have hosted with them.


First off, their interface is god awful.  And it is only getting more dated by the minute.  It has stupid limitations and is very unintuitive to use.


Their support is fairly terrible.  They’re foreign, unhelpful, and in one case, I was basically insulted by the support tech.


Not great


The price is OK, but pretty standard these days for cheap hosts.  I have heard many horror stories of them changing people’s hosting plans without asking.  This has never happened to me, but if you scour the internet for bad 1&1 reviews, you will not have any trouble finding them!

Bottom Line

There is almost no reason to choose 1&1 hosting.  I would recommend you pay slightly more for a much better host like Dreamhost.  Check out our review of their service at the link.

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