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Thread: How to Secure Web Hosting Server?

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    RE: How to Secure Web Hosting Server?

    If you want Secure Web Hosting Server so choose strong password.....


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    RE: How to Secure Web Hosting Server?

    Thank you much for the post! You have really saved my lots of time. Secure Web Hosting Server Simple define of all member, thanks.

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    Your server should be highly secured with strong password, And website should be on good paid hosting server. and it should also provide you it disaster recovery plan, so it will help you to recover from any disaster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ekochaberler View Post
    How to Secure Web Hosting Server?
    Your web host is responsible to secure your server, so do contact your host to protect your server from online threats. I have had very good experience with Scopehosts, who have ensured that my website is completely secured by providing best security measures like firewall protection, SSL certificates, DDOS protection and more.

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    There are many security software's that we can use, We should use a software that can protect us from all kind of advanced threats and malware's, I also use a incident response template which is quite helpful because incident response security is quite Important for all kid of business.

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    The security is the most important issue for server and website. Personally, I am willing to carry out the following ways to enhance server security.

    1. SSH keys
    With SSH, any authentication is completely encrypted including password authentication. Many SSH key algorithms are considered uncrackable by modern computing hardware simply, becuase an attacker have to run through too much possible matchs.

    2. Firewall
    To install a firewall like iptables in your server is a better choice. Follow this tutorial to set up iptables and easily block the suspicious IP addresses and Ports.

    3. SSL certificate
    SSL certificate can secure the sensitive inormation from the hacker attack. So it is really needed by all websites. I highly recommend to install SSL certificate issued by Lets encrypt which is free and easily installed.
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    To secure web hosting services need to remember some points. Refer the points and go through it:
    1. Backups and Restore Points
    2. Network Monitoring
    3. SSL, Firewalls, and DDoS Prevention
    4. Antivirus and Malware Scanning and/or Removal
    5. High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    6. Access and User Permissions
    7. File Management
    8. Applications and Logins

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