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Thread: 6 Simple Steps to Getting SEO Standard Articles & Attraction

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    6 Simple Steps to Getting SEO Standard Articles & Attraction

    In the year 2018 is considered a very difficult competition in the SEO, google focused on useful content evaluation that you can provide more readers (Content is still king).
    How to write articles that can achieve high rankings on the search results page is always difficult, especially for those new to learn about SEO. Here, I would like to share the way to write a standard SEO article to help Google appreciate your site.

    1. Get ideas and outline for standard SEO articles

    The first of course is that you have to find a compelling subject so you can start writing. There is a problem often, sometimes your posts are always in the top 1 but not how many traffic, simply because the subject of your readers little interest.

    You have to have an SEO campaign with the most attractive and attractive topic to attract the traffic of the reader.

    2. Study keyword sets

    Keep in mind a little thing is, you should not target short keywords to SEO keywords do. Because the truth is, nowadays the majority of people search, they often search for specific keywords about their needs on the internet.

    You should only select one main keyword, then select a set of related keywords around to plan writing additional content for that primary keyword.

    Next, when users search for long keywords, they often have specific needs. From there you know exactly what they want and give them what they need an easier way.

    And finally, long keywords tend to be less competitive and easier SEO than many short keywords.

    3. Build structure for posts

    Even if you have identified the keywords as well as the topic of the article, but if you write improvisation from the beginning to the end, the quality of the article will not be high, making readers difficult to grasp the topic that you aim to.

    You need to build a good article structure, clear layout distribution, detail, content and title must be reasonable.

    Use clever heading tags for headings and subheadings in the article, making it easier for google to understand your site.

    You do not want to read an article that you do not understand what you are reading right?

    4. Search and place images into standard SEO articles

    Picture plays a very important role. In a standard SEO article, images are indispensable.

    A good image can make it easy for the reader to understand the content you want to convey, and further help to attract readers to your website for longer. The content you provided to the user is good or not.

    Also, I never want to read an article but only words and words.

    5. Optimize the internal links involved in the article

    For an SEO article, internal links play a very important role, which also makes the interaction of your customers with your website much better.

    The good links are well placed, reasonable also help Google appreciate your website, help increase keyword rankings for you

    6. Optimized bounce rate and user interaction

    Most SEO people think it is difficult to make people see their content. However, the hard part is to get people to stay and read all the standard SEO articles on your website.

    You must measure and evaluate the content regularly and in the long term, in order to optimize your website in the best way.

    Of course, without the introduction and content of good SEO standards, you will not have the opportunity to do step 6.

    Why ?, because this is a summary to help attract the attention of readers, making them more eager to know more about that content.

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    Good points , effective in reading the post

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    Thanks for sharing the very informative information, Got It.

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