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Thread: What is the types of web hosting.?

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    What is the types of web hosting.?

    Hello Friends,

    What is the types of web hosting.?

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    Roughly - shared, VPS, dedicated.
    You can just host or sell.

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    There are different types of web hostings. The main web hostings are as bellow:

    i) Shared hosting
    ii) Reseller hosting
    iii) VPS hosting
    iv) Dedicated hosting
    v) Private Email Hoisting

    You can choose one according to your convenience.

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    If the web server software comes out with a new version to fix a security problem, you have to update it so your server doesn’t get hacked.

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    Web hosting is the service provided to make your websites accessed by all the internet users globally. Types of hosting are
    Shared hosting
    VPS hosting
    Dedicated Hosting
    Wordpress hosting
    cPanel Hosting
    Reseller Hosting
    Cloud Hosting
    Free hosting
    Business hosting

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    There are so many types of web hosting, So, you can choose the hosting according to your need, Like if you have high traffic website you can choose cloud hosting or dedicated hosting, if you have any small website with less traffic you can go with shared hosting. But before uploading your website you need to to check your website from source code review tools so that there won't be any error in them.

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