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Thread: Can we add xml sitemap in blogger?

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    Can we add xml sitemap in blogger?

    Can we add xml sitemap in blogger?

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    Sitemaps are supported by all major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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    When you submit an XML sitemap to Google Webmasters, it helps search engine crawlers to find all the URLs on your website and add it to their database.

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    Yea a sitemap is just another thing you can submit to google. You dont have too but it helps googles spider navigate your website sort of like a road map if you want. You can also set priorities on urls to say how often they should be crawled how important they are in your general site architecture. you want to do this for two reasons, leaving the bot to crawls by itslef its fine but once it hits a few 404s or find excessive linking its going to stop crawling. Why is this because these bots have millions of websites to crawl so google has what is called a crawls budget meaning its trying to save time on not crawling problems and so forth. By submitting a sitemap you are assisting the bot and can help it crawl you site more effectively

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    Yes you can submit sitemap.

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