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    ftp software

    where i will get ftp software at online

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    RE: ftp software

    FTP stands for file transfer protocol software which is used to transfer the files from one host to another host over the network. FTP is built on a client - server architecture, if you want to get cheap FTP software from online then you can refer to net2ftp website which is related to FTP software product.

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    RE: ftp software

    Quote Originally Posted by susansafoora
    where i will get ftp software at online
    Just type the keywords "FTP download" in google, you will find a lot of places to get the FTP software.

    In my country, when you purchase a domain or a web hosting zone, the seller will give you a free FTP software. I think it is not a problem to get a FTP software, right?

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    RE: ftp software

    You can easily search it in Google search engine.

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    RE: ftp software

    You can search it through Google.

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    Hoo Lee Sheet, are you really want to ask this question

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