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Thread: INXY - dedicated servers, content delivery network, cloud solutions

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    A Lovely Valentine's Day Offer From INXYHOST

    14th of February is coming, and there’s no better way for Inxyhost team to express its love to customers than by offering dedicated servers with superb characteristics:
    • Supermicro 813MTQ-350CB / X11SSL-F / E3-1230v5 / 32GB RAM / 4x4 SATA + 100mbps unlimited, Europe for only $110/month
    • Dell R420 / 2xE5-2430 / 64GB RAM / 4x300 GB SAS + 100mbps unlimited, USA for $140/month

    Make some room in your heart for a new love...
    For our dedicated servers.

    Make your order by contacting us via live chat on Dedicated hosting services - or Skype The offer is valid till the end of February.

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    CDN with global coverage for $3/Tb? It’s possible with SpaceCDN!

    Don’t trust low-cost CDN solutions? In fact, cheap and reliable content delivery does exist, and you don’t even need to comb through the Net to find such a solution. SpaceCDN offers Leaseweb CDN for only $3/TB with global coverage! The network consists of multiple nodes in North America, Europe and Asia, which ensures equally great loading speed across all continents. No contracts are required.
    Speed up your website loading right now!

    Find more info about Leaseweb CDN on Leaseweb Content Delivery Network

    Order CDN contacting us via Skype and live-chat on our official website Get the best and cheapest CDN network from SpaceCDN

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    Celebrate INXY’s birthday with us!

    If you’re in search of reliable and non-expensive hosting, there’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. On the occasion of its birthday, INXY proudly announces that we launch a generous sale! Order any of our servers, pay for 9 months of hosting and get 3 months of service for free! Ultra-fast speed, 24/7 customer support and top-notch features are guaranteed. The sale will last the entire April 2018.

    Make the right choice – become INXY’s customer!

    Place your order in Skype or live-chat on the official website Managed Hosting services by Inxy.Hosting

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    any offers for smaller sites having a lot of issues with Hostgator recently

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    Fantastic offer from SpaceCDN: 2 months of free CDN up to 50 TB!

    May 17th, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is coming, and SpaceCDN provides you with a wealth of CDN bandwidth for free!

    Let your website visitors enjoy excellent speed and flawless connection. Order CDN from us, and use the service for 2 months without fee: up to 50 TB monthly bandwidth is already included.

    Don’t miss your chance! Place order on Get the best and cheapest CDN network from SpaceCDN or contact us in live-chat or Skype

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    I have been using HostGator Hosting for the last few years and I can say HostGator is the most reliable web hosting company because of the endless Support it's offering to me and other resources at a very cheap price. I'm currently using the HostGator Shared Hosting Hatchling Plan.

    However, I'd soon try this hosting company as well.

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    Don’t miss top class Highwinds CDN for $6 per 1 TB from SpaceCDN

    Think that CDN can’t be affordable? SpaceCDN debugs this myth! Don’t missHighwinds CDN sale: $6 per 1 TB and minimal payment starting from $10/month only. 52 of PoPs in the USA, Europe, Asia, Latam and Australia will ensure wide coverage and excellent loading speed for your website.

    Have questions? Contact us via Skype and live chat on Get the best and cheapest CDN network from SpaceCDN

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    Did you know, that INXY had recently launched brand new Hosting Audit Service (HAS)?

    Our IT professionals may examine your existing infrastructure and help you reduce costs and improve your hosting quality.

    What are the benefits of HAS from INXY?

    • we are on the market for more than 12 years and work with reliable and solid hosting partners, that have been carefully chosen and proved themselves over the years;
    • our professionals will help you reduce your costs on hosting, our survey shows that the services that we offer are generally better for clients’ budget;
    • we will thoroughly examine all your services and will find room for improvement (for example, server upgrade, better CDN, better DNS, etc.);
    • we will find solutions that can compliment your current services to make your project and business benefit;

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or skype Also feel free to visit INXY.HOSTING for a full range of our services.

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    Welcome offer from Hostry: Let professionals handle WordPress for you!

    In September 2018, Hostry launched a One-Click WordPress Deployment Tool. Join us now to get free access to thousands of free themes and plugins, Envato plugins automatic integration, free domain, SEO tools & many more.

    Choose 3-in-1 solution: management simplicity, security and website acceleration. Order any VPS, and use Content Management System, SSL Certificate & Content Delivery Network (CDN) together for FREE with all its benefits.

    More CMS coming up soon, including Drupal, Joomla, Magento & other.

    Don't waste your time anymore! Sign up and install CMS for your website today! Find as on the official website -

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    INXY has launched hosting audit services. Reduce your hosting cost now!

    Our IT professionals may examine your existing infrastructure and help you reduce costs and improve your hosting quality.

    With more than 10 years of hosting experience and partnership with the largest hosting services providers we definitely know what good hosting is. Our new hosting audit service can help you significantly reduce your costs on hosting or to optimize your current infrastructure.

    How it works?

    • contact us by any mean - using form on website, using live chat or email us at
    • our quality staff will ask you several easy questions
    • we will develop the plan of hosting services optimization according to your needs and budget
    • you save your budget or improve the quality of your hosting significantly

    Contact us and start saving now!

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