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Thread: cold blooded animals...?

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    cold blooded animals...?

    Hello Friends,

    Please tell me, what are cold blooded animals...?

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    They are animals that do not regulate their own body heat. They rely on heat sources like the sun to stay warm.

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    cold-blooded animals are a kind of animal having a body temperature varying with the environment.

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    Snakes are cold blooded animals.

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    Yes, I also want to know about it. Nowadays I can say snakes.

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    2. king cobra mamba
    4.grass snake

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    I think all type of snake.

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    Cold-blooded animals, like reptiles, amphibians, and fish, become hotter and colder, depending on the the temperature outside. For example, when the sun sets at night, their bodies are cooler because it is less warm outside

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    Cold blooded animals are generally reptiles only. The reason why they are called cold blooded is not because their blood is cold but rather because they lack the temperature regulation mechanism wherein heat is generated through food and other activities

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