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Thread: Photography school or class?

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    Photography school or class?

    I have taken photography in senior school and school for recreation. It's been some years since then and I am presently a remain at home mom. I've been researching and considering finding back to photography as a part money on the weekends. Points such as external family portraits, events, maybe even weddings at some point. I'm looking for a certificate class and maybe even majoring in photography to renew my skills and at the least have an item of report that is "formal" in helping me start a area job. What are some great colleges offering on the web or in the NJ area lessons? I looked over NY Institute of Photography and they appear to be #1 on my number at the time of now.

    Photography Trainings in Pune

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    RE: Photography school or class?


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    RE: Photography school or class?

    Do you really need a certificate before you can perform photography jobs? In the Philippines, I haven't heard of that as a requirement.

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    Yes, You need a certificate for a photography job.

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