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Thread: Common Techniques Used in Green Data Centers

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    Common Techniques Used in Green Data Centers

    I am a big promoter of Green Methodology.
    One of the ways to save energy is to make our Data Centers energy efficient.
    There are many methodologies used in Green data canters to reduce the energy consumption.
    Some of the important techniques that are used in Green data centers are:

    1. Power on demand: Data centers are using advanced technologies to calculate the power required for their systems. They accurately measure the power required and then find ways to reduce the requirement.

    2. Means to get fresh air: Companies are trying to use different methods by which they can reduce the power consumption in cooling systems. They are doing so by having proper and unique ventilation techniques.

    3. Some companies make use of water for cooling the systems. One of the biggest examples is the social networking giant Facebook.

    4. Companies are also working on their wireless systems to be more energy efficient. They are using wireless sensors to do so.

    5. Use of recyclable products.

    These are only few methods that are used in current Green data centers. There are many other technologies that are under experiments, and we hope that we get some more efficient methodologies to save energy.

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    RE: Common Techniques Used in Green Data Centers

    These some great techniques used by Green data centers! For me, going paperless is number 1 since we already have the technology to use such as emails and online reporting. Isn't it wonderful that great big companies are also much concerned about the environment no matter how advanced and huge the companies are there is still room for environmental cause. We do hope that there will still be some new ways that we can use for energy conservation.

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    RE: Common Techniques Used in Green Data Centers

    Yes, you are right Mariesheila. Paperless is one of the most common techniques, which is used by most companies today.
    However, only a single technique won't help us.
    Companies have to look for other techniques too.
    There are several techniques under the pipeline, which can help companies to save energy.
    Only important thing is that companies should be willing to go to an extra mile and invest some money in those techniques.

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    RE: Common Techniques Used in Green Data Centers

    I think some of the companies do have other ways of saving energy aside from going paperless. You are right aayushjindal that it is important that the companies should be willing to shell out money on other energy-saving techniques. And it would also have a positive effect not only to the environment but also to their businesses in one way or another.

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    RE: Common Techniques Used in Green Data Centers

    Thanks for sharing.

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    RE: Common Techniques Used in Green Data Centers

    In Canada two of the largest datacentre's have gone above and beyond in terms of green factor. They use Lake Ontario’s icy water as a renewable energy source for cooling as well as green energy to power them.

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    RE: Common Techniques Used in Green Data Centers

    I completely agree with all of you.

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    I am looking for the best cloud server hosting and have sorted some of the data centers! Is it really important to go with green data center while opting for cloud services or the traditional data center will work?

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    This discussion is very important.

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    Thanks for good info

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