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Thread: Advantages of Cloud hosting?

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    Good cloud hosting provide good storage reliability and data recovery solutions. that will help you alot to maintain your data on cloud.

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    Advantages of Cloud hosting

    Cloud Computing is more beneficial in the terms of IT cost savings.It's more reliable and offers a service level agreement with 99% guarantees. Cloud computing enhanced or simplified IT management and maintenance capabilities of resources. It increases computing resources and gives you a competitive edge over competitors.

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    Hey i have recently tried out a cloud server and had a bad experience, Cloud servers from what i understand help in terms of security , to protect from ddos attacks specifically. I have found however that if your site is does not have many http requests that slow it down to a crawl , the speed benefits of it are not great at all. Infact and i know im going to get some flak for this i have found myself and a few people even suffer under cloud servers , i do not know why as most people have used them for years with their websites and said they are fine. I have seen cases however like mine where literally a day after i change name servers my seo rankings drop. They restore when i return to my original name servers. I do not know if this has something to do with the way content delivery networks serve website info , of if it affects crawling in some way. I have searched all over and found no definitive answer. For me however its a case of lose your seo , and be safer , or keep it and be at risk.

    Let me add that i am fairly new to this as i am predominantly a web developer so any insights on wat i said would be appreciated.
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