I'm on my second cycle of oral DHEA (few months break in between) now and I would like to share some experiences and hear some of your opinions.

I'm a 23-year-old male, 6"5 (1.96m), serious weightlifting now for +/- 2 years, 200 pounds/91kg, 8% body fat. At the end of 6 months cut. I know that's long but I tend to do intermittent fasting quite a bit and together with DHEA I actually gained a lot of muscle mass while leaning out. Pretty happy with my physique right now.

Now on the topic of DHEA. One of my nutrition geek friends mentioned I should try it as it just got legal again here in my country after years of it being banned. I tried it and got from vitanatural then together with a shitty legal estrogen-blocker after doing some research (most people said it didn't do much and not harmless in 100mg/dag dosages). And I actually gained quite a few pounds of muscle while dropping fat, better pump, better mood in general. Started looking kinda "steroid-ish": rounded broad shoulders, nicely shaped arms, upper chest came up.

Now that made me wonder, why does this work so well for me? As in most other young adults, it does not have any effect on testosterone or muscle mass (only in older men). I then read on examine they still are not sure what chemical in the body makes DHEA work better or worse, but they THINK it is cortisol levels. Now I'm 23, graduating in Tax Law, lots of social shit in Amsterdam, a mild stutter, working 3 days a week and going to the gym 6 times a week probably means my cortisol levels are insanely high.

So could my high cortisol really be the reason that DHEA works so well for me compared to others? If so, are there any dangers from cycling DHEA? Could I take it more often, could it even be "healthy"?